About us

ExactCut is a relatively young company on the Czech market. However, it has a lot of experience in the segment of high performance circular saws for cutting steel and non-ferrous metals. The experience has been gained through the cooperation and support of former employees of the company Wagner (former major German manufacturer of circular saws) and through the cooperation of the parent company Bomar (Czech manufacturer of band saws for cutting metals).

Thanks to dynamic development EXACTCUT offers not only standard solutions of high performance circular saws, but also solutions that we realize according to your wishes and requirements. The flexibility of Exactcut is also underlined by the fact that a rich program of accessories is available to the customer.

It goes without saying that our standard also includes a convincing Q-assurance, which includes the testing of saw blades from different manufacturers. Our goal is to determine the optimal price/performance ratio for the respective customer requirement.

The properties and parameters determined during testing are of course made available to our customers.
You want to use our service? We are looking forward to your request! 
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